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Well -- I strongly agree that Apple Support is not what it should be. Since purchasing my Powerbook it has never worked reliably -- intermittent freezing and then the flashin icon on boot-up.

My experiences on the many phone calls I have had as well as trips to the store are extremely varied. It just depends on who you get, I never raise my voice as I know this does not get you anywhere.

But currently I also will be on my third hard drive when it returns -- since they cannot reproduce my issues they will additionally be replacing the logic board and wire harness that attaches the hard drive to the board.

I will admit that atleast they are seriously trying. But I know all too well your frustration with their service. At times I would get people who acted as if it was like a big joke that I was having these problems -- heck most people would not even believe me if I said what Apple Service was doing. I started putting them on speaker phone for my wife to listen and she was astounded at some individuals lack of professionalism.

The warranty is very similar to other brands -- but all brands play to the lowest common denominator based on a product maybe being released too soon - essentially it is legal CYA.

I would argue though that IBM and Dell would have probably sent me a new unit before paying a tech to replace all the guts of my unit -- from a business standpoint - does this not make sense?

Not to mention that Dell would show up to my house -- one of the software reps I work with had his Dell go out -- and a Dell tech showed up at his house and had him all fixed up.

I will add to my long trilogy post once I get my unit back -- but it does take a toll on you from an emotional point as well as not being able to trust the unit again - do not want to lose anything.

Also -- I play no games, I use Microsoft Office, and cruise the internet.
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