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Hi! I am about done with my website, which as of now I intend to upload to Dreamhost for hosting. I like the support they've given me so far, they've been great about answering my questions.

I want to set up my website, though, so that users can download music, video and possibly a pdf document via a PayPal payment. They would make a payment, then download the file.

Dreamhost has a script called FilesForever, but the way that works is that users make a credit card payment, then can download the file as many times as they want forever. I don't really understand this.

Anyway, I am thinking more of an iTunes kind of setup, where you make a PayPal payment and then download the tune.

Dreamhost sets it up so that they take .50 cents, plus 5 percent of the total for each transaction. Also, they do not have an option for PayPal. I don't think people will want to send their credit card information over the internet just to download a 99. cent song, or 2 dollar video, do you? I think they would be more comfortable using Paypal.

Is there a way I can achieve this through Dreamhost? With another, third party piece of software for example?

Thanks in advance for any replies
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