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You know what an easy way to get your Macbook to go to sleep? Just close the lid. It'll go to sleep instantly and when you open up the lid, you're back to how you left it. So there's really no reason to use the Sleep option under the Apple dropdown menu when you have a portable Mac.
the delay between closing the lid (how I put it to sleep) & when the computer is actually asleep (the light is pulsing) is about 20-25 seconds in regular sleep mode. Changing the sleep mode cuts it down to about 3-5 seconds. That makes a big difference for me when I'm on the run, and especially since I don't have any use for the default mode's writing the RAM to the HD...but I want to know if changing the sleep mode is dangerous to the computer.

Anyway, I actually went ahead and changed it...if anyone else is interested, the computer now goes to sleep 3-5 seconds after closing the lid, and upon waking it is in the same state as it was left. I'm still interested to know whether the battery will drain more in this sleep mode than in the default sleep mode, though.
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