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Finally having my first job, I decided I'll spend my first paycheck on an older mac. I have no need for a powerful mac, the only thing I need tons of power for is gaming.

I have a 500MHZ G3 iBook with 256 MB RAM. Its definately not fast. I have been looking at G4 PowerMacs, somewhere around 500MHZ models. Would a 500MHZ G4 PowerMac with 256MB of RAM be just as fast as my iBook? I have tons of RAM laying around that I plan on cramming in there anyway.

A possible better option would be to go for an eMac. I could most likely get one of the 700MHZ models but I'm not too sure. I realize they are the first of the eMacs and I was just wondering if there any problems that I should know of to keep me from getting one. Id like to have one instead of a powermac so I can save space and I also don't have a 17" monitor, or a flat CRT or a really nice one at that. I know Apple is famous for their displays.

So if you guys could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Im looking foward to starting my little Mac collection I want to get going.

- Richard
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