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I came across this article on Macworld ( about changing the MacBook (Pro)'s sleep mode...I'm interested in changing it from the deep sleep to the older sleep mode that the iBook's had, where the computer goes to sleep immediately (but the contents of the RAM are not written to the harddrive). I have no real use for the MacBook's hibernate mode...I don't have a spare battery, and I'm not worried about the computer losing all its charge while it's asleep. My real questions about changing the sleep mode are:

- does changing the sleep mode to the old-style sleep make it any more dangerous to carry the MacBook around while it's sleeping? I *always* carry mine around while it is asleep, but is there any greater risk of it turning on when it's in the old sleep mode?
- will the MacBook lose more charge when it's asleep in the old sleep mode than in its usual hibernate mode? I can put it to sleep for a few hours now and lose almost no charge, but if it's going to lose a lot of charge while it's in the old sleep mode, it's not worth it
- does changing the sleep mode affect the behaviour on wake-up? Right now, when it wakes up, my MacBook is in the exact same state I left it in. Is this how old sleep mode works too?
- are there *any* dangers to changing the sleep mode I should know about?

I use sleep mode all the time, and getting the MacBook to go to sleep immediately (as opposed to the 15-20 seconds it takes with hibernate mode) would really be great, but if there are any dangers to doing it, I'm not going to...

thank you for any help!
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