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Lowepro is a very good make. I have used their camera bags for years and never a problem with any of them and even the oldest that I have (10+ years) still looks good. It should stand up for a long time.

When I bought my PowerBook they gave me a Marware Sportfolio II. Not a bad case but no room for anything other then the computer and possibly some flat paper. There is a zippered back that you can put other stuff in but it looks lumpy Made out of neoprene and has plastic inserts front and rear so protection is good for some parts but the neoprene used is pretty thin, but hey it looks good Mine is blue and black.

I bought a Booq bag off spymac for a good price ($20US). It has a exterior made of fabric much like the Lowpro and has 1/2" of higher density foam all around the computer so should provide pretty good protection. Again, not a lot of extra storage but the zippered pouch on the front flap is large enough to hold a power supply and maybe a small mouse, another zippered pouch on the back for papers etc. In all a pretty good bag. The one that I have is black on black.

Is the bag that you got padded? Web site does say it is but how padding? If not you might be wise to get a sleeve of some sort to provide more protection. At lease you have more than enough storage space which mine lack but then mine is much smaller than a pack
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