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Here is what I Followed to get mine working.... I made a .txt to keep around. (I am brand new to Macs)

Connecting a Mac to Win 2003 Server (Files)

Symptom (example)

I hit apple + k then the connect to server box comes up, I find my server and in the address is says smb:// I try to connect and it asks me for my username and password, I enter it and i get an error messge it says:

An error has occurred (error = -5000).

I can ping the IP address.
If I leave the password blank I get an error message it says:

An error has occurred (error = -5023).


You need to make a registry change on the Windows 2003 box.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\LanManServer\Parameters

The value of RequireSecuritySignature needs to be changed from '1' to '0'. After that is done, you need to go to 'Security Settings', 'Local Policies', 'Security Options'. You then need to set the 'Microsoft network server: Digitally sign communications' to disabled. It is enabled by default. (only if the win2k3 box is a domain controller)

I do have one issue that I cant get around with this method however... I dont have the correct permissions on the shares. When I try to throw anything on the share or create a new folder.. I get authenication errors saying I dont have rights..