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I'm going to buy on/after the 15th when I get paid again. I've never used a mac before, or even seen one in person (smallll town), so bear with me.

Right now, I have a practically brand-new copy of Photoshop CS2 (Had it for a while, but just recently opened/installed). On the box, it says "built for windows XP" so I'm taking it that it won't be installable on my Macbook. Is there anywhere I can send it back and get the mac version, trade it somewhere, or else just download via Bittorrent or and use my serial number?

I have the same problem with office. I have office 2003, still with the box and all the papers, just installed last week on my PC. erk. My dad got them for me with an education discount from the college he works at, and even though I didn't pay for them (he did), I really don't want to buy new ones.

Any help would be appreciated.
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