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I've got the same problem.......

First, what I suspect is the correct answer to your question.

Yes you can connect to the external drive connected to mac 1 over the network from mac 2 but you have to log into mac 1 via an administrators account.

ALSO, I highly suspect that the hard drive needs to be formated in Mac OS extended. I have had success accessing one of my external drives this way and am pretty sure I accessed a second succesfully in the past (both these were formatted in Mac OS extended). However, I have had nothing but frustration accessing the two others. The two I can't access are both FAT32 format.

Here's a question to whoever else is out there. I want to have a hard drive connected to Mac 1 which is natively readable by PCs AND which I can connect to over the network.

Does anybody have any idea how to do this?
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