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I agree with DrQuincy about Ubuntu being the most advanced OS. I also agree with mac57 in that OSX offers the best compromise. I would add that as a younger man with a lot more free time I loved "tinkering" with OSs. I remember having to replace my BIOS chip with a new one in order to load OS/2 2.0. I also messed with Slackware 1.x distros at that time. I have loaded many distros over the years but I no longer have the time to HAVE to configure every aspect of Linux. This is why I think Ubuntu is great. You have the ability to go to that level if you like but you don't have to. This also means that you can just load and use it but improve it when you have the time. The lack of an easy path to iTunes and Windows Media is the biggest downfall to Linux. The Windows Media can be done but it's not perfect.
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