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Hi all,

Well when I first got my MBP I figured hey why not, and ran the folding team software for a little while, but I now live on campus, and accordingly have only a 4gb monthly download limit.. So I dragged the folding software to the trash, and it was gone.

Today, (about 2 weeks later i think), my MBP fans turned on after i restarted and it got very hot. Curious, I find out this is because there were 4 "fahcore_a1.exe" processes running.. well, i forced quit 1 of them, and all 4 disappeared, and almost immediately my mbp fan started ramping down.

Question: Why wasn't the application removed when I dragged it to the trash? Why has it only started today after having done so, and how do I remove it for the future? (In no time flat it used about 60mb of my download limit).


(I didn't want to re-ignite the folding post which is 2 years old Join the Mac-Forums Folding Team!)
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