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Hi everyone and thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

I am a new Mac user with an intel Macbookpro bought only 2 or 3 weeks ago. I have been relatively happy using my Mac and had 3 mail accounts set up and working, I successfully imported 4000+ pictures into Iphoto and I have created my own web site in IWeb. The other night while installing some software (Messenger I think), things started to go wrong and here are the symptoms

1. I start mail and it acts like I have never used it before, walking me through my e-mail setup again. The mail accounts are still on my hard drive. I read that if I just re-enter my account details all of my mail will be found but I really would prefer to try and figure out what went wrong.

2. iPhoto when opened, will show me the thumbnails for all of my pictures but when I try and view the actual picture all I see in the picture pane is a Grey square with a dotted white border and an exclamation mark in the middle. I tried rebuilding the thumbnail cache but this had no effect. The iPhoto folder structure and all of the pictures are still on the drive

3. When I started iTunes it was if I had just started it for the first time asking me the usual questions about managing my tunes etc.

4. In iWeb, my previously created site is not listed, it asks me to create a new one, although the published to folder data for my created site is still on my drive.

I suspect I have moved or deleted some sort of user prefs or settings file but after searching I cannot find a solution. Could it be that I or the baby ( I know its unfair to blame a small child :-) ) has deleted a KeyChain, or moved a pref file somewhere it should not be. There are some files in teh trash can but I would not know what they do or where to put them if I could get them back.

I have tried the following

1) Repair Disk Permissions

2) File System Check

Any one able to give me some guidance here?

Thanks again
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