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I just got off the phone with the Apple Customer Relations group -- essentially this was a complete waste of my time. Not only was the guy rather short with me -- but all he did was try to sell the Protection Plan.

I don't get it - at this point I am just darn right ticked off. How is it that anyone who purchases a premium product such as a PowerBook and basicly gets blown off by the Customer Relations. I mean I have bought electronics used on Ebay and had companies support me completely for free even though I have bought it second-hand!

I have to voice my opinion that I think Apple is just not a good customer support/relations group. Now, I do believe once I send it to them -- the problem will be rectified (I hope). But how about my level of inconvenience. How about trying to do something in order to make me feel good about using the product again.

I feel sick to my stomach knowing that I bought something, hard drive goes out, and now I get a hard sell from the Relations dept -- to put MORE money into my problems. I have a better solution -- since the products are so trustworthy and great to use - why not give me the Protection Plan - or discount significantly?

I will point out that the technical staff is very knowledgeable and helpful from what they can do over the phone. (Maybe they should have some sort of remote desktop system that will allow them to operate your computer remotely) -- BUT, the attitude of "well we will fix it and you should happy that we will" is just not right. They are not doing anything that Joe's Computer Shack down the street wouldn't do for me. The fact of it is that they sell laptops at a premium price - they are not the largest kid on the block by any stretch - so they SHOULD be bending over backwards to win the hearts of consumer by way of loyalty.

I will be writing a letter to outline my issues to hopefully someone in Apple Corporate Management (and I will find a way for it to reach their desks) -- heck the issue at this point is not that the computer is dead as I think they will have it fixed -- it is the attitude and lack of service they provide in getting them to recognize, fix, and accomodate the fact that something slipped quality control during manufacturing thus causing me hours of lost time. I just want it to work as advertised - as everyone else says it works. Heck - send me a card - give me a 10 dollar gift certificate - bump my warranty up another 3-6 months. I would just like something to make me feel good about buying this Apple Powerbook. Send me a new unit and a box for the old one -- I can GUARANTEE you I could Dell to this if this was one of their units.

Well - when I get my letter together -- I will share it with you all and who I sent it to.

Sorry to vent but it has been a very long day -- and I feel like all that was accomplished is that I should be soooooooo happy that Apple is sending me a box so I can send my unit to them for at least a week to fix it.

Without a doubt I am soooooo not going to buy an iPod now! Well -- I could easily go broke buying protection plans - automated nightly backup systems on my local network (in case it goes dead again) -- gotta spend time getting my Pentium 3 Dell Notebook (never had a single problem) up to snuff so I can use it while my 3000 dollar Powerbook is in the shop:-(

Again thanks for the feedback -- but I am just dog-tired of this -- knowing what I know now, I would not definitely not have purchased this PowerBook -- I am hoping that this attitude changes over the coming months.

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