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I will most definitely let them take it into their hands and analyze the issue(s). The last thing I want to hear is that they reformatted the disk and all looks good -- this tells me they didn't know what the problem was -- so how do they know they fixed it? Based on the amount of information that is given to me once fixed -- I would like to see them extend my warranty a bit longer -- just to make me feel better. If these notebooks are relatively trouble free than why not give me 6 months more -- just to make sure it is working properly? I will take this up with Customer Relations - I will also keep everyone posted as to the outcome of this -- as it may help someone in the future.

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Two things. If they replace a part in the machine under warranty, they will probably extend the warranty on that part.

Secondly, if you're not satisfied with the service you are getting, use to write a complaint letter to Apple. Most companies take complaint letters very seriously, especially those made on open, public forums on the internet.

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