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Thank you all for the advice and experience. I do consider myself lucky by way of electronics as I have never had to send back an electronics purchase - not one that I can think of -- and you should see my dedicated Home Theater:-)

However - as I type this, I have a air conditioner being replaced that is only 4.5 years old -- the whole unit! Luckily it has a 5 year warranty.

I am just a bit disappointed right now due to the level of excitement I had when I made the purchase. Not to mention that Powerbooks just are not cheap. I just would like to see Apple throw me a bone if it is in fact a hardware failure. I do realize that these things do happen -- but there is an amount of inconvenience they cause -- many other manufacturers recognize this and appropriately deal with it.

Extend my warranty
new unit
free software

Anything that makes me feel like Apple really wants the small percentage of clients that deal with these problems -- to feel appreciated for being patient.

I bought my wife a Lexus -- at the top of the list is that they were #1 in Customer satisfaction throughout a 7 year lifecycle of the car by all major publications.

When you go into an Apple Store you get/sense/spoken to/told that you receive top-notch -- or in the case of Dell -- "Award Winning" service.

When I think about it - I walked into the store -- dropped over 3k -- less than 3 months and my hd looks to be toast. Should I not get some sort of bone thrown my way. Or do I just say -- "Yup -- looks like my luck is just really bad with Apple - I best just deal with it" -- I know none of you are saying this but after 4 telephone conversations with Apple Support - 1 trip to the Store -- I just feel there is a lot of shoulder shrugging going on.

I will most definitely let them take it into their hands and analyze the issue(s). The last thing I want to hear is that they reformatted the disk and all looks good -- this tells me they didn't know what the problem was -- so how do they know they fixed it? Based on the amount of information that is given to me once fixed -- I would like to see them extend my warranty a bit longer -- just to make me feel better. If these notebooks are relatively trouble free than why not give me 6 months more -- just to make sure it is working properly? I will take this up with Customer Relations - I will also keep everyone posted as to the outcome of this -- as it may help someone in the future.

Thanks again,

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