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Originally Posted by starrin
What can I do at this point -- I would love to get my money back and get a ThinkPad. I am a thirty-something engineer with a MS in Computer Science -- I know what I am doing with computers -- this one is just a lemon and I feel hung out to dry. Not to mention my wife looks at me and cannot believe that I made such a bad purchase.
Starrin, I see this a little differently as per the quote above: You as a engineerng professional know that all man made products fail, no matter who makes it.

From the description you are giving, I see the internal hard drive was in the process of failing. That has happened to me on an IBM Thinkpad and I only had the system 6 months. I have 2 Apple laptops for more than three years with no problems. I am not going to complain about my problem. I am saying that to show that even IBM hardward fails. I know the many years that I have been working in the IT industry, I have see all kind of failures.

Please do not get mad while reading this. I know what you want is good techincal support, which I can appreciate and you are not asking a lot for it.

I have had problem with my car where I see and hear the problem, but when I take it in to have the dealer resolve the problem, they could not find it. One of my problem was with the rear sway bar that broke. I can hear the popping sound when I pull up in my drive way. Dealer could not find it. I had to drive the service advisor to my house to reveal the problem to him.

In your case the problem showed it ugly head while you were on the phone with Apple support.

What I am hoping for in your case, is that Apple replaces the internal hard drive for you with little to no cost to you. I say this because you have on record the problem. It was brought to Apple attention a month before the hard failure.

Please don't let this be a black eye on your experience with Apple. I am not an Apple representative. I just normally give a company two changes, before I kick them to the curb.

I do believe you have had some bad experiences with the other companys you have mentioned, but that is not the point.

I am starting to ramble now. With all that is said I want you to know that I agree with you that you want the best service that is possible, and no less.

Just a side know, I believe the Apple Genus can across wrong, in that you know he/she is also a salesman (Applecare). :p

The bottom line we the consumer must keep the big business in line.

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