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Thank you for the tips -- but none of it works -- the disk utility does not see the hard drive -- it will not boot so i cannot get into the system preferences -- and holding down the apple+s key yields no results just the flashing question mark icon.

I had it actually happen over the phone while speaking to a support person. He could not get it to boot or see the hard drive in a slew of key holding and reboots. So NOW, I have to send it in for service.

This is the most expensive computer I have ever bought and the first computer I have to send in for service because we cannot even reformat the hard drive if we wanted to.

How much you want to bet that it will show up on their site and work here is what they will do...reformat everything...tell me something looked corrupted...send it back to only happen within 6 weeks again.

At this point, and I don't think I am being unreasonable, I would like one of two things to happen:

1) new unit
2) money back so i can get a ThinkPad

Is anyone familiar with the odds on this actually happening? I read the warranty and they had all sorts of lingo about fixing it with refurbished parts or replacing my unit with a refurbished unit.

The other gripe I have is I cannot believe that I actually considered the Apple Protection Plan -- essentially this is what I have gotten to date and it is not acceptable in my opinion. I emailed a friend who has a business and he only buys ThinkPads due to the excellent quality of service that IBM offers. He mentioned that he had a problem with his modem - they sent him a loaner (overnight) and a box to send in his laptop -- then they reversed the process 2 days later when his modem was fixed.

Now I don't mean to rant but my PowerBook Costs like 1,000 dollars more than a good comparibly equipped ThinkPad -- so what do I get? It sure heck is not quality of service that most would agree is of the calibur of this price premium.

I am just sooooo furious right now...I really would like my money back>:-(

So I am hoping that at some point in the next 24 hours it will boot -- I will make a backup and then send it to them.

Sorry to vent -- but it seems that people should be aware (in forums such as this) what customers are going through and how they are getting their problems addressed or not addressed. I don't wish anyone to buy a laptop for thousands of dollars only to have problems with it.

I am sorry but I feel justified to say that if Apple does not do either one of my options above - that I should either be compensated in some fashion for my inconvenience OR I should just take them to Claims Court and get my money back.

Anyone out there that can console me -- this would be appreciated because I could just scream!
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