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Originally Posted by PowerBookG4 View Post
lol.. kinda funny because they all have the same name, so if somebody was to search before they posted they would have found it faster... all of those posters would have had their answer seconds after having the question, not horus or days.
All very true, however as a new MAC user I really gained something from the answers to the OP's question. I did not have the question so I would never have searched for the answers to it. I think it's a lot like using a paper manual vs a CD manual. When you have the paper manual. In your search for a answer you may see other things that why not the answer to your question may come in handy. If you just do a search on a CD manual you get your answer quicker but that's it.

I know all you Old School mac users have seen this stuff 1000 times but for some of us, or at lest me it's the first time.

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