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Hi -- and thank you for your prompt response:-)

I am passed the 90 days -- by like a week. But the hardware is still under warranty. I have a support case that goes back a month.

I am taking it to the Apple Store today.

However -- does this sound like a software issue if it intermmitently cannot locate the hard drive when it boots or comes out of Sleep?

I was just venting to my wife -- about being up until real late trying to get it to work so I could finish my career-work. We were both saying that a 3k laptop should not just work sometimes but all the time -- if taken care of (of course). This has been my experience with Dell, Gateway, IBM, and HP laptops that I all owned in the past 15 years.

I am just sooooo disappointed at this point -- I also remember the 24 hour support I got from Dell when I was unhappy with battery performance. Not only did they send me a new battery -- but a NEW laptop (over night shipping) because I was within 5 months. I spend significantly more here and I get less service and less help -- atleast this is what it feels like right now. Sorry for the bad attitude -- but this is the first piece of computer hardware I have ever bought and had problems that did not look to be configuration but actual hardware qa issues -- hard to believe if you saw my house:-)

I just want it to work :-(
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