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Okay -- so I thought I would do the honorable thing and buy my first mac as I am a software developer and I appreciate their move to OS X.

However after two calls to Apple Support a trip to the Apple Store all I get is a so called "genius" stating that it appears to work and there is nothing I can do -- because I cannot reproduce the problem.

What is the problem?

Well -- It started a couple weeks ago when I brought my powerbook out of sleep and it was frozen. So I re-booted to get a little mac icon -- i looked it up on my trustworthy Dell and it said essentially that it could not locate the OS. Well this was true because it could not see the hard drive in the disk utility when I tried that -- HECK - if I wanted to re-install the OS -- I couldn't!

So Apple Support on the phone walks me through the typical boot from ROM and try some utility -- but it yielded no error results. So we leave it at -- letting it run through a loop test over night and take it to the Apple Store in the morning. In the night the power cord much have loosened and it died in the testing -- but when I plug it back in and restart -- it all boots up just fine.

I still take it to Apple and the guy gives me some long story about how I need to spend several hundred dollars on Apple Care Protection -- NO! I want my laptop to work as ADVERTISED -- I felt like screaming -- hey 3k on a laptop is a ton of money and it should work in a flawless fashion.

So here I am -- a few weeks later now past 90 days and it happened last night coming out of sleep -- I let it sit for a while and it booted fine an hour later -- then I go to check my email one last time - boot it (not from sleep) and I get the problem icon. Currently it will not boot this morning -- I was up unitl 2 AM trying to get it to work as I have a family to feed and I need a computer to do work.

Look -- I know you guys love macs -- I like them as well -- but mine sucks. I have built dozens of PCs in my day and RARELY have had problem that I could not fix in a matter of minutes -- this thing is having significant problems -- no one can help -- Apple Support is not 24 hours -- the "Genius" people cannot do anything unless they see it.

What can I do at this point -- I would love to get my money back and get a ThinkPad. I am a thirty-something engineer with a MS in Computer Science -- I know what I am doing with computers -- this one is just a lemon and I feel hung out to dry. Not to mention my wife looks at me and cannot believe that I made such a bad purchase.

Oh Yeah -- did I mention the air conditioning in my house is 4.5 years old and needs to be replaced -- SO I am having a TERRIBLE week -- luckily it is under warranty and they will be doing it question-free today. Wish Apple would just do the same. Has anyone taken Apple to court over warranty issues -- I am not about to let this just slide.

So WAIT -- I just got done typing this and tried to boot up my powerbook -- and it magically healed itself AGAIN! So when I take it to the store -- they will not be able to reproduce the problem and so goes my Apple experience over and over.
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