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I've searched everywhere for updated information on dual booting Ubuntu Linux and found nothing. My intent is to get it running without hacking any line of code.

The reason I chose Ubuntu in the first place was because I don't entirely trust my abilities with registry hacking (but definitely plan to soon, hence linux) and I heard Ubuntu was a pretty straight forward install. However, that purpose is pretty much defeated if I have to hack my Macbook just to get it running.

So my question is:
Is there an easy and simple way to get Ubuntu Linux running on a Macbook?

Which would be best for doing this, Bootcamp or Parallels? I'm actually leaning towards Bootcamp because last I heard there were problems with Parallels uninstalling completely and that is pretty important to me. (If I'm not satisfied I want to be able to uninstall both the boot loader and the OS as if I never installed it in the first place.) If this is no longer true let me know.

So to make topic easier to respond to:

1) Is there an easy way to dual boot Ubuntu linux? If so please tell/link me.
2) Which bootloader is best for this task (Bootcamp or Parallels)?
3) If I'm not satisfied will I be able to completely uninstall the bootloader in #2 as well as the OS?

Those are my only concerns so if you can shed some light I would greatly appreciate it.
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