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Originally Posted by henryo11 View Post
Since RC2 Build 3150 allows you to boot a parallels VM from a bootcamp partition, would this be "the answer" to all the ntfs/mac hfs+ file sharing frustrations? Further, would I be able to read a NTFS external hard drive through parallels and copy files from the external (reading through windows VM) and paste them to a folder in my Mac OS Partition?

Yes, this should be possible. All you need to do is create a shared folder in windows. Then to do the transfer, plug in your external hard drive, if you have parallels set to automatically connect devices plugged into the USB port. The great thing about the shared folders is that you can access any folder on your Mac OS (depending on which folder you setup for sharing). Also, make sure that you're shared folder is connected in Parallels (since you have RC2). They say that you can drag and drop files into Mac OS, but Shared folders is more of a sure thing to work. However, I am not sure how well shared folders will work, with windows being in bootcamp and being projected in Parallels (since I am not sure how well of a migration it can do). Go ahead and try the shared folders, though to see if it works or not, but Parallels tools must be installed first.
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