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Hmm.. On a PC system, the only headache-less way to have dual monitor, is to have a Video card that supports Dualhead, i.e. has two S-VGA outputs. However, in the olden days there were some ways of making it work, using two separate video cards. It's an cheap alternative and effective but very messy and has many complications; especially with the OS.

As for a Mac. Most Professional Desktop systems (I refer to PowerMacs only) will support dual display with the exceptions of the iMac and eMac (those are consumer and education models.)

Adding Dual display to a Desktop/Tower Powermac is a piece of cake! It's a matter of either plugin in an monitor to one of the spare S-VGA sockets or adding a Macintosh compatible card into a spare PCI slot.

For Multi Display (more than two!)
Yes, we can do this without too much fuss. There are a few options, either use both ports of your Dualhead card (both ADC connector and DVI connector) and add an additional card.

Or, if your Current system only have a single S-VGA connector. You'll need to add a Mac compatible Dualhead card to a spare PCI slot, install the drivers (if any, normally there are non.)

Or, if your already using a 2 card system, you may add yet another card and have multi displays and if you REALLY want! You can have in excess of four displays.

For the most intensive video editing suite, you can get away with 2 Cinema Displays or Have 3 attached if you really want a mega-huge desktop!

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