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1. It really doesn't matter whether or not you leave it plugged in. because you won't be able to overcharge your battery. no harm can come of it, if anything; not plugging in your PB would be detrimintal because after it runs out of battery life it will go into sleep mode and ultimately be forced to shut down. which really sucks when you have things open that haven't been saved.

2. personally i like to make it go to sleep. that way it will be faster to start up rather than having to wait for it to boot up and such.

3. F8, F9, F10 plays with the Keyboard's Brightness. F8 turns it off, F9 makes it dim and F10 makes it brighter.

and like witeshark says, you can change to Expose keys to whichever one you want.
and well congradulations with your purchase.


PowerBook G4. iLove it.
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