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Ok .. so my new 1.5ghz PowerBook came in today and what can i say? It's awesome.. but heres a couple of questions since im new to the Mac world.

1. Ive already calibrated my battery and everything, but should i always leave it plugged in whenever it's just sitting on my desk, even if the light is green?

2. At night, should i shut it down or just sleep it?

3. not a battery issue, but ive seen on apples website that by pushing the F8 F9 and F10 buttons that it does stuff with the windows... the only F button for me that works is F11 which clears everything away. Whenever i push the other F buttons a little half sun looking thing comes upwith little bars underneath that fill up as i hit the F button again.. how can i get the expose' buttons working?

all advice appreciated.. thanks!

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