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hi all

the idea is to have a mac mini with os x server 10.4.8 sitting between an adsl wireless modem router and a gigabit switch, and for it to provide webcacheing for our shop. i'm looking at the software update feature built in to server which is a good start to what we want.

the first question is will it work at all? i had some problems before with mac os not being able to communicate over more than one network adapter at the same time. in this setup the mac mini will need to connect wirelessly to the adsl router and over built-in networking to the switch. i seem to remember hearing this was a problem for the os x client but possibly not for the server os.

if it can work, what software would provide webcacheing? if it is easy to set up and easy to use we don't mind putting some money towards it, although if it is easy enough to use we would go for free/open source too. ideally it would also do some 'precacheing' - sorry i'm not sure what the correct term is. i mean certain specified websites we would like it to automatically cache in advance, not just cache whatever we request from the webserver to store locally for later. these sites will also require logins, if that makes a difference.


mac mini core 2 duo - 10.5.1 server
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