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I do revision with my friends for the exams, and they have a 15 GB & 30 GB iPods. I have never connected an iPod to my computer before.

Now, my query is:

1) Is it ok for me to bring either of their iPods to my house and transfer an album I have in iTunes to his/her iPod? Both use iPod on a windows platform and I run OSX. Will I have any problems?

2) I've heard that its not possible to transfer music back to the computer from the iPod. Is this true? I need to get a remix track from the 15GB iPod, can't I do it? If iTunes doesn't allow this, is there a third party software that will?
Besides, if this is true, then how do ppl use the iPod as a mini hard drive? I don't see the point when u can't retrieve ur data from the hard drive to the computer.

All advice appreciated. Cheers.
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