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I have tried searching for this in various ways on the forum but cannot seem to find an appropriate thread...
I've been a Mac user for over two years (iBook g4). My wife and I bought a Macbook for her a couple weeks ago. Everything is going fantastic (of course) and we couldn't be happier. However, there is one tiny little difference I have seen with everyday usage of her machine compared to mine (besides being superior in every way). Every time I open a new application, say from the Dock, that application opens up behind any others that I have opened. If I have nothing else open, "Finder" remains open/active while the new app, say Safari remains dim/inactive. Am I explaining this well? This is really bugging me that I cannot think of how to change this...I'm sure it is very simple but I just can't get it. I am no novice Mac user, I'm just drawing a blank. Is this perhaps how a Macbook is supposed to be?

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