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File vault saves your home folder as a 'Sparse image' inside the 'Users' folder on your harddrive .

What you could do is make a new user, log in as that user, then goto the 'Users' folder on your harddrive and open up the old users folder (you may not have sufficient access privileges, to solve this click on the folder and then goto 'File/get info' in the finder and change the privileges to the user that your logged in as)
Inside the old users folder their should be a sparse image. Click on the sparse image twice and enter the password of your old user. The image should open onto the desktop and then you can copy it's content to the account that your logged into. Don't copy the keychain or preference files as this can mess things up. You will need to re enter email passwords and maybe re install some programs. When finished check that everything works and if it's all ok then you can delete the old user. It would be a good idea to 'Repair disk permissions' in Disk utility when your done.
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