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Originally Posted by Osiris22x
The iBook is much more durable and sturdy than the Powerbook. Apple said they designed the iBook for students and the Powerbook for professionals. In testing, they dropped the iBook, stuck it in a freezer, had a kid jump his skateboard off of it, and then had several kids carry it around for a day in their backpacks and beat the snot out of it. In the end, the iBook was just fine with no damage.

Next up was the Powerbook. They dropped it, and it broke. End of test.

I have a Powerbook and I love it...but if you get one, get a case for it. Don't just stick it unprotected into your bag.
What exactly do you mean by a case ?, a "flightcase" type of thing, og just a "scratchbag" ?...

I must admit that I like my ibook alot, and am a bit doubtful about if the Powerbook is right for me. The major drawbacks on my G4 ibook (the reason I'm considering the PB), are mainly the keyboard (too "loose", I tend to type "double letters"), the screensize (I know about the 14" ibook, but think it's too big), and the fact that I can't put put more than 640 mb, RAM in it (means that if I wan't to run e.g. VPC on it, it gets sloooow). '

Still I'm not quite sure if these arguments are good enough for a "switch"... I do take good care of my laptops, but the fact is that I'm going to be bicycling with the thing in my backpack 25-30 km. just about every day, and I am afraid that the PB will end up a mess in a months time...



PS. Has anyone got any experience as to if the PB is really picky with the RAM ??. I considered moving the 512 mb. from my ibook the the PB, and I can't remember if the darn thing is pc 2100, or 2700...
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