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I don't have any current pics, but my setup consists of:

G4 500 w/ 768M of RAM, 3 rage 128 video cards, DVD ROM, CD Burner

AMD 2Ghz PC w/ 1.5Gs of Ram, Dual Head GeForce 4 256M Video, 2 CD burners

Dual Processor PC-DL Deluxe W/ 2 Pentium 4 3.6GHz Xeons, 4Gs of Ram, QuadroFX 1100 Video, combo DVD/CD burner

AMD 800MHz w/ 768M of Ram, CD Burner

Microtek 4800 Scanner

Epson 880 and Epson 200R printers

Wacom Tablet

Logitech Space Traveller Motion Controller

all running through a Belkin Dual head KVM switch on 2 Viewsonic Pro series 19" flatscreens.

I'll post a pic after I clean up my workspace

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