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Guys....i really don't know what to do..... i mean...i know exactly what to do!! which is Listen to my pocket! ehhe ($$$) but i'm stuck..... i was down at checkin' the differences between the 14" 1.2 ghz ibook, WITH Superdrive, and the 1.33 12" PB WITH Superdrive, both with Apple's Care Plan ($200 plus for the ibook, 300 plus for the pb)

but then question is this...... IS IT REALLY worth paying the extra (200 something?) for the powerbook?

Because...if you take a look, you got a little bit more power with the PB, and bigger video card memmory, but how can you notice that?...while playing games?...or while watching a DVD, or a video? can you notice that??

in my case BOTH systems will have Superdrive, they'll be close in speed (1.2ghz Vs. 1.33 ghz) bigger screen for the iBook (but i don't know if this is an advantage, because the Powerbooks have a different size design, they are WIDE instead of JUST BIG, so i don't know if the 12" PB is gonna be the same as the 14" ibook..... (YOU TELL ME)

so what do you think guys?? it worthy?
plus i need to buy the case, plus an external mouse, and at least a 512 Memmory RAM it'll be 768, then later i'll change the 256 card for a 512, and have a GIG, but that's LATER....

so that's an EXTRA expense....over the final Laptop i would like a little help... maybe a can save a little bit more and buy the PB, but then again, if it's not REALLY worth THAT MUCH, then i'll just go ahead and buy the ibook with the other things i need.......

i need opinions, inputs! please :confused: :cool:
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