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Originally Posted by 2Deep
i just recently purchased the 1.5 GHz 15" powerbook G4, marking my first step into the Mac world....BUT, i have a few very important concerns!?!?!

without installing any additional software or hardware (except for OS X of course), i've noticed 7.7 GB of my harddrive is in use. Is this normal?

also, the CPU and memory is almost fully in use when i run this very basic "garage band" program which comes with OS X. i plan to run cubase sx2 (professional audio sequencer program) on this unit and expect some heavy CPU crunching. my friend has the same powerbook and is experiencing audio clipping and distorted delays after only four VSTi plug-ins, because the CPU is at a max performance. Did i miss something here? I though Mac is famous for it's awsome multi-media performance, and i hope there is a solution for this.

please help shed some light on these matters! your input will be much appreciated!
Garage band alone is almost 2Gigs.

You should also boost your cpu performance in the energy saver.
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