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Hello everyone, well I nearly bought an ipod last night but the only thing that held me back was the fact that this model had been out for awhile and the battery life could be longer (8 hrs). I don't really know about the battery life... I know Dell has one that costs 100 less (15GB) and has 20 hours of battery life . I do not own a mac but I am attracted to the style and size of the ipod. Some of my friends have them and I find them incredibally small and cool ( I really like the touch buttons ). I am curious if they will be making a small update to the ipods anytime soon? Maybe an update in batterylife... Oh the otherthing that caused me to wait is because I heard a rumor of the ipods battery dying in a year and a half. Is this true? The reason this is important is because I would be using Apples instant loan to buy it and pay it off over 2 years. I wouldnt want the battery to die out 6 months before I even finish paying it. Also how long should the battery last (whole life i.e. 2 or 3 years....) and how much would it cost to replace? I realize its fixed so I would have to send it in. Well I believe thats about it, if anyone can answer a few of my questions I would apprechiate it very much.

(plz excuse typos i have a broken finger :rolleyes: lol)

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