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I'm having a few quirks with my Mac the past few weeks. My system feels slower in general. I still don't know much about which processes should and should not be running so I figured I would show this to you guys for some help.

The most annoying problem outside of slowness is that the cursor gets stuck as a beach ball (not spinning) sometimes after switching users, and doesn't switch back to a regular cursor until it hovers over something that would change it. For example, the separator in the dock or a link on a web page.

(there is a dupe or two in these, because things changed, but just one or two)

Thanks in Advanced,

PS: The slowness is mostly in the morning for the first few min of use after it not being used. It wasn't that bad before, also I ran all Mac Janitor tasks, repaired permissions, restarted, launched nothing, and took these shots.

-Andrew Philip Lardi
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