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after purchasing a Gateway and then building my own powerhouse ive finally decided im sick of the headaches that come with PCs running windows. i just want to be able to run my apps in peace, and not have to deal with the ceaseless boxes telling my things that arent working right. after wondering around my local Apple store (located in the controversial Crossgates Mall in Albany NY) i decided that the 12" G4 PowerBook is the most bang for my limited buck. my girlfriend is preparing to begin her college career and wanted myself to pick the best computer for her needs. much to her surprise i told her about my up coming Apple purchase and advised her to do the same. After alot of discussion with both her and her mother (who will be paying for the laptop) we have decided to wander the library next year together, proudly showing off our shiny new Macs.

Apple 2 : Windows 0

two thumbs up for Steve and a poke in the eye for Bill
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