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Hi All,

I m using Qt 4.2.2 on my Intel MAC.
Is there any software which will get the memory leakeage in Qt on MAC Intel.

G'day vishal.chauhan,

The following quote came from this link regarding Activity Monitor.

You will find the Activity Monitor at Macintosh HD>Applications>Utilities>Activity Monitor
Finding Potential Memory Leaks

If you are a long-time computer user you have probably encountered reports that a given application might have a memory leak. Memory leaks occur when a computer program fails to release memory that it is no longer using. In extreme cases the program continues to consume memory to the extent that the entire system’s performance is affected. For operating systems such as OS X that make use of virtual memory, it can take quite some time for the program’s performance to degrade significantly. If you are having a memory leak this process, based on this Macworld article, may help identify the culprit.
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