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Right now I have a router that handles 2 computers wired to it and 1 notebook wirelessly. It works great. What WiFi do for me? Just give me more bandwidth? Would that help in speeding transfers of HD files to a mini?

Well Apple tv has the right connections, but it's too limited in what it can handle, i think. I just tried to drag and drop some tv files into iTunes and they won't go. Mpegs go but that's it. I need more then what iTunes gives me.

I don't care about audio-only being played through my tv speakers.

All I would want for the mini is to put my HD files onto it's hard drive from either my current pc or my iMac when I get one.
Then hook up the mini to my tv via hdmi or firewire and play hd files from the hard drive.

Either run Hd files directly from my iMac via firewire or from the mini.
These HD files won't run in iTunes.

Even tho the iPod has a tiny screen Heroes and 24 look perfect on it. Not too dark or bright. Are the apple monitors attached to the iMac just like that? Basically a bigger version of the iPod screen?
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