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I'm such a newb at all of this I should know more. See , first thank you for the reply. I got a new computer about 2 years ago and I got a new video card 1 year ago. Both are showing their age now with High def material.

I looked at the Apple tv thing and I got the impression that it JUST works with iTunes. Well the stuff I want to watch on my tv includes much more then what I have from iTunes. What are the resolutions of movies and shows on iTunes, they can't look that good on a 1080i HDTV can they?

The apple tv recieves ANY kind of streamed media? Or just iTunes stuff?
If it plays avis and 264's and .ts files then it's a winner for me. If not then its a deal-breaker.

Whats the Airport Extreme all about?
I need this information in laymans terms because it's all new to me.

I've had my microsoft intellieye for a long time now, it uses a laser , it doesnt have a ball. And it's great for me. It's wired of course. It's native usb but I have a usb/ps/2 adapter for my machine. It works fine. I dont need a mac mouse.

Whats the story about the mini? Is it a middleman between an Imac and my HDTV? Or is it supposed to be a computer directly connected to a tv?
Do I transfer files from my computer to the mini to watch on my tv?
Or do I just have the mini AS my computer using my current keyboard, monitor (10 years old) and mouse? And I could use the firewire from the mini to the tv directly? Do you have a choice of hooking up a tv OR a monitor to the mini? It seemed to me on the web site like it was simply supposed to replace my current computer then pipe High Def directly to my tv via firewire or hdmi. Then I read that people have their tv's hooked up directly to it.
So that confuses me.

I definately want an Imac. My ultimate goal is to watch my HD files on my HDTV with out messing up my tv.
Do iTune movies and shows look good on HDTV's?

Couldn't I just get an Imac and use a firewire cable from my iMac to my hdtv to get HD tv and movies onto my tv? Do I even need a mini?
Or I could get a mini dvi to dvi and a dvi - hdmi cable to go from a mini to my hdmi on my tv *oh my headaches* : )
Help a newb out lol
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