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I'm going to get a iMac soon.

Thing is, I like my mouse and keyboard. I can still use my MS intellieye mouse with the Imac right?

I like my old keyboard, too I don't really wanna throw it away and get a new lightweight keyboard. The iMac's don't have a p/s2 port on the back so I'm wondering if theres a usb - p/s2 adapter out there.

Or maybe I'm just going to have to find a good heavyweight keyboard that doesn't move when you start typing on it. The keyboard I have now is about 15 years old and works like a charm. Very solidly built thing.
Most new keyboards are lightweight plastic p.o.s.
Is the Imac keyboard really good? Heavy and sturdy?

I'm also mainly interested in HD playback. Like 264 and mpeg 2 files.
And I have an HDTV; so I ALSO want to watch my HD files on my tv.
I have an xbr960 with hdmi and a firewire port.

I was also thinking of getting a Mini just for playing those files on my tv.

Sorry bout the long rambling post, but I just don't know what to buy right now.
I want an Imac definately but not sure what model to get.

I need alot of help here.
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