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Personally, if you're going to do image slicing I'd suggest using imageready b/c it's just better all around, and you never really have to leave photoshop.

If you have to use fireworks, don't know what to tell ya, but I never found the "control" of it that difficult, I just never liked the interface at all.

As far as you're site goes.

The navigation concept is pretty good, but you need to figure out a way to make it more user friendly. But, you've got several problems to fix.

1. You need status indication on the page. Not only on the page that contains information, but espically somewhere on your navigation, as it's a mystery as to what what each link is.

2. Maybe on the active page, a piece of the navigation will change colors in order to establish that you're visting that link.

3. I'd advise finding some more fonts to play with, as the one you chose doesn't seem to have any relevance to your layout, look, or feel. Your navigation seems almost retro, classy, kinda 1970's Jackie Brown like. And you're using a font that looks like something a Warewolf movie would use.

(Typography is good mmkay?)

4. Last thing I'd say. Personally, I could see the way data is displayed in a different way. You've got a creative approach to the navigation, then you bust out a frame for some reason and make it a boring 2 column site. Maybe you keep all the info contained in the middle of the page and use an overflow css command. Or just something that is different.

I'm normally not this talkative at 9am.
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