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fireworks is pissing me off,
i mean i like it as a program its easy to use an quick for layout but exporting HTML and images you have no control of what comes out,
at the moment when i export my PNG file all i get is a blank page with no images, in the code i got a bunch of spacers and says its loading the content as one big image, wtf?

so im going to re-do it optimising and re-naming my images in photoshop and putting it all into table like i know how to do, but you know how i have my page
would it be easier to save the background as one image then just add text in dreamweaver? i think so, the thing i liked in fireworks was the layout didnt have to be positioned so structured, my css is pretty basic, and u can have images over each other.
well i think im going to have a break, go to the gym and come back 2nite

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