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hey thanks for rapid response and feedback.
its interesting both of your views about the new window for every page,
the reason why i tried that navigation from the change of normal page on page or frames was because i've seen a few sites that done it with small popup windows and wondered what effect they were trying to give off, its also good to do things like this learning the javascript to open and close windows onclick and window size, etc

well i will change that, i agree with you, users are not incontrol if they dont have a backbutton, or a clear nav bar to guide them.

the html slice is what i was trying to think of, i knew there was something like that. As for your exporting tips im going to try it, because i basically just made a few slices for the buttons i wanted then fireworks would auto slice the rest of the document and generate some terrible html basically all images into a table and thats it. The only thing i could think of is to remove the images in dreamweaver and replace them with a background colour but i will try the fireworks way.

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