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Ok so yet again im still unhappy with the way my new mac pro is running (sorry for the endless number of threads i post asking about problems i'm having)

But how long does your mac take to boot up? When i first got my new mac and for a good week or two it was damm quick, turn it on, next im entering password then im good to go.. Now its taking 2 whole minutes just to boot up?!

Now ive been running macjanitor and onyx and my mac has generally been quite good - altho i haven't seen my different in performance between the new mac and my old pc! The only thing that has happened is since my last post of problems is ive plugged in my ipod. My ipod had been dead for over a year so i decided i would see if it will magcally come back to life and it did! iTune restored it and it started working again, but then while putting some music onto manually OSX crashed and i could'nt shut down or anything unless i unplugged the ipod.. So i restarted and plugged it in again and this time itunes crashed as soon as i plugged in my ipod and now whenever i plug in my external hard drive or USB stick etc itunes crashes and OSX freezes for a few seconds. Could my iPod have had something on it thats now infected my mac?

Not only this but the finder on my second hard drive takes alot longer to open up and i can hear rather odd loud noises coming from my tower when things are loading it.

A friend of a friend is an apple tech so im thinking of getting him round to do a complete fresh install of OSX and start over again. i really didn't expect to have so many problems with my new machine, i think i must be jinxed!

My last question is.. how long after you have purchased a mac can you return it if you are not happy with it? and how do you go about doing it?

Thanks guys, you have been a great help this last few weeks!
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