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bad's not really's actually, in all honesty, similar..and almost the same as pcs...imagine will you, how many pcs have problems....laptops, desktops...yada yada....well, since there are so many pcs, it just doesn't seem to be big..with mac...only 2-4 of computer users have macs...out of those people...I'd say 80% are completely happy and undoubtedly in love with their macs..the other 20% have problems...and then they're delt with. PC's have so many just comes with the can have 50% of the pcs having problems..and you'll never hear about it..cause it's always been like that....overall, macs still have higher least form what I can tell..I mean, this is the first time I've had a computer without any serious problems....and I've had my computer for over five that seems like a long time..but when I first came to school...within five months, I already had to reformat my hardrive do to a virus...and then again a few months later because of some windows problem thingy....I had to restart my mac one time because of some weird thing...and then it was fine.
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