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Ok, There's so many windows users out there that are stealing the hole mac look by modding their pcs to look like mac osx, and cloning the operations of macs. Some of us don't care, but when your running into website that say themes for MAC and it's not themes for mac it's themes to make your pc look like a mac.

Then you get these people running around say hey he has a mac, and you get to see it it's a PC running mod programs.

People like us pay alot of money for our macs!

All of the development for these windows users so called mac programs, and software happens to take place all in once spot... [link removed]

Mac them selfs have been trying very hard to shut them down. Ebay is getting reports of users selling MACS that arn't macs, just modded PCS at low low prices.

I think this has gone too far... Ive seem to found one thing that seems to bother them...

They use their forums for communications, and development of these so called mac look a like wanna be programs!

So ive went in there pretending to love [link removed] and post on every post there irrelevant information, like reply with OH! they seem to have a very low amount of monthly bandwith, and when their forums flood it shuts down the server!

So if we can get alot of people to register over there, post about 22 posts a day of irrelevant information, being nice about it and all... They'll slowly corrupt!
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