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Well for starters, the individual "rolls" are the default folder names that iPhoto uses if you do not name the folder yourself when you imported the pictures into the program. You can go into the preferences and set it to view the last xx number of rolls (show last xx rolls album), then go back to the menu and click the little film looking icon where it says "last x rolls" and close the >arrows until you just get a list of folder names (all will say roll 1, roll 2, etc). Click on a roll, then click at the bottom left of the screen on the little lowercase "i" with the circle around it to bring up the Information box where you can click on the title and rename them to whatever you want them to be. That will actually rename the "roll" in the iphoto structure so that when you are browsing there from another program you will see the names you have given those folders instead of the generic "roll x" When importing from a camera, before it begins the import you have the option to give the roll a title. Not sure how you are getting your pictures into the program right now, but you can drag and drop pictures into other "rolls" or folders within the program when you are using the roll view. I have mine set to not see the whole library at once, but use the roll view and keep them all collapsed except the roll or two I am shifting around. (also forgot to mention you will have to choose "view rolls" from the view menu to see the roll names)
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