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Thanks to EVERYONE for all their great ideas!!!!

pulse thanks to u as well for being so detailed

u guys are of great help.

Originally Posted by Pulse-8 View Post

Why not try Image Capture in Macintosh HD>Applications? You might just prefer that instead.
image this an additional program
i have to download as a suppplementary program to iphoto??

or is it something completely different?


iPhoto has FlickrExport built in as an export option, but it is only a trial and will expire eventually. Otherwise just keep your pictures organised using Image Capture and your own folder structure elsewhere.

so image capture makes saving pics
and also exporting pics easier? do i have this assumption correct? :bone:

when u say use my own fodler structure elsewhere
r u saying just abandon using iphoto?

i think its both the MAC OS and iphoto
that im having trouble understanding...

let me be more specific..

1.) when i go to upload a photo on an image hosting site like

2.) normally on Windows XP, when i click on "upload"
i can click on "my pictures>>cars>>mercedes"
and then click on whatever picture i want in that folder. very simple and straightforward

3.) however on MAC when i click on "upload"
a window pops up and i do see that on the left
i can click on "pictures" it then gives me two choices
"iphoto library" or "photobooth", after i click on
"iphoto library" it shows all these files like "Data.xml" and folders like "" "iphoto.ipsop"
etc. etc. etc. VERY confusing and folders titled "data" etc. etc. why is it showing me all of this?

3.) good guessing in my part i discovered my pictures are in the folder titled "Data" after i click on "data"
it gives me three options "2005" "2006" "2007
i have NO Idea where it got these years because i did not create folders with these years on them...
say i click on 2005, it will randomly give me a bunch of subfolders that i DID NOT create titled "roll 21 " "roll 1" " roll 2" "roll 100" etc. etc. to make matters even more confusing it will also mix in names of folders that i DID create such as "cars" "nature" etc.

its almost like i have to play a guessing game to determine which folder my pictures are in

4.) ok and say that i just use the simple "drag n drop"
feature ,

when i try and drag and drop on Safari
it wil make me do it twice but i will get a picture preview of what im uploading

when i try and do it on Mozilla it only makes me do it once (which i just recently discovered) HOWEVER it does not give me a picture preview..

im just soo confused by these random
titles of "rolls" and random years that iphoto is
to my pictures by default that i never even created

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