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Originally Posted by MacNewbie View Post
someone had advised me that i could also make a "folder" on my desktop and put all my pics in there if i'd like, however the thing is when i do that it doesnt give me athumbnail preview of the picture like "my pictures" does also when i click on the picture in the folder i cant view the next picture in the sequence as i can in "my pictures"
G'day MacNewbie, to do the above is possible but you must first enable "Show Icon Preview" in Finder>View>Show View Options. To browse from one pic in that folder to the next you need to select all the pics and double-click or press Command+O to open them in Preview. Then you just use the directional arrow keys to go through them.

iPhoto annoyances i have:

1.) each time i want to save a picture, i have to drag it to iphotos
library i then have to drag it from iphotos library into a specialized folder that i have created for it. i.e. "cars>>mercedes" or whatnot.

on "my pictures" all i have to do is save in the folder that ive
specified, thats it, done voila, case closed. i have to do like
5 extra steps in iphoto to get a photo where i want it
whereas in windows xp i can do it in 1.
Why not try Image Capture in Macintosh HD>Applications? You might just prefer that instead.

2.) say i want to make some adjustments to one of my pictures
in a subfolder on iphoto...all the adjustments i make to that photo
affect ALL other copies of that photo in the iphoto program.

i have to then make sure i have TWO copies of the same photos in the library before i make any adjustments to its relative picture in the subfolder

SOOO much extra work!!
Making a duplicate of the original and altering that duplicate is not such a bad idea if you think of it. Where you aware that iPhoto has a "Revert To Original" feature which undoes all changes. This is found in iPhoto>Photos>Revert To Original.

3.) say i want to upload a picture to, normally on "my pictures" on windows xp i click on the "choose file" button on photobucket then i look at what folder i want, click click and
upload everything is done.

on iphoto i have to drag the pic from iphoto onto the "choose file" screen
it then will say "roll 1 , roll 2" (which i have no idea what that means
i didnt even name the pictures roll 1 or roll 2? wtf?)and then i have to drag the pic AGAIN for it to go into the little window for me to upload

does this make sense what im typing? i hope so...basicaly again i have to drag the photo twice in order for it to show up on the uploadbox.
iPhoto has FlickrExport built in as an export option, but it is only a trial and will expire eventually. Otherwise just keep your pictures organised using Image Capture and your own folder structure elsewhere.

am i just doing things wrong or is iphoto truely a wack program??
No you're learning how you deal with the integration of an application like iPhoto into Mac OS X and if it suits your needs + you're comparing Mac OS X to Windows XP.

My Pictures in XP is something that is hard to forget when you find yourself up against the likes of iPhoto and the way it is sewn into the OS. I had tremendous problems with iPhoto when I started using it just over a year ago. Some things about it still bug me but it's there for your use and it's a great photo manager, there's no doubt about that. Your way is possible and I bet you'll still find iPhoto useful someday.
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