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i really hate the iphoto program is there anyway i can revert back to something that is similar to the "my pictures" folder on Windows XP?

someone had advised me that i could also make a "folder"
on my desktop and put all my pics in there if i'd like

however the thing is when i do that it doesnt give me a
thumbnail preview of the picture like "my pictures" does

also when i click on the picture in the folder
i cant view the next picture
in the sequence as i can in "my pictures"

here is what i hate about
IPHOTO (tho i know iphoto is supposedly far superior
than my pictures as my pictures is just a "preview folder"
and iphoto is an actual program, i still think iphoto's
design is crap)

annoyances i have:

1.) each time i want to save a picture, i have to drag it to iphotos
i then have to drag it from iphotos library
into a specialized folder
that i have created for it. i.e. "cars>>mercedes" or whatnot.

on "my pictures" all i have to do is save in the folder that ive
specified, thats it, done voila, case closed. i have to do like
5 extra steps in iphoto to get a photo where i want it
whereas in windows xp i can do it in 1.

2.) say i want to make some adjustments to one of my pictures
in a subfolder on iphoto...all the adjustments i make to that photo
affect ALL other copies of that photo in the iphoto program.

i have to then make sure i have TWO copies of the same photos in the library before i make any adjustments to its relative picture in the subfolder

SOOO much extra work!!

3.) say i want to upload a picture to, normally
on "my pictures" on windows xp i click on the "choose file" button
on photobucket then i look at what folder i want, click click and
upload everything is done.

on iphoto.
i have to drag the pic from iphoto onto the "choose file" screen
it then will say "roll 1 , roll 2" (which i have no idea what that means
i didnt even name the pictures roll 1 or roll 2? wtf?)
and then i have to drag the pic AGAIN for it to go into the little window for me to upload

does this make sense what im typing? i hope so...
basicaly again i have to drag the photo twice in order for it to show up on the uploadbox.

am i just doing things wrong or is iphoto truely a wack program??
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